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Map of Cape Coral’s Southern Canal System

This map includes bridge heights and locations, it denotes which canals are freshwater and which are saltwater (offering Gulf Access), where the sailboat access canals are, and also the locations of the city’s locks, lifts, and boat ramps. A legend is included in the bottom right corner. The internet’s only source for this info!

This is a very large image and may take a minute to load.

Also, if came directly to this page via a Google Search: Please note I have a very comprehensive guide all about Cape Coral’s canal system, boating runs and waterfront neighborhoods. It is a lot of very valuable information for anyone considering a purchase here and much of this information can only be found on this site. Once you are done reviewing the map below it is highly recommended that you take a look at the guide at the following link:  Cape Coral Waterfront Buyer’s Guide.

Add'l Resources
  • Cape Coral Buyers Guide
  • Freshwater vs Saltwater canals
  • Boating run lengths to open water
  • Sailboat access neighborhoods
  • Boat lock & lift locations
  • Bridge heights & locations
  • Additional detailed maps
  • Gulf access homes behind bridges
  • Understanding property taxes
  • Understanding local insurance
  • Understanding assessments
  • About me, Dan Starowicz
  • Map of Cape Coral, Florida including boat lifts, locks, bridge heights as well as the location of freshwater and gulf access saltwater canals

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