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Cape Coral Waterfront.

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Cape Coral Waterfront explained

The waterfront canal system through Cape Coral is rather complicated!  The following guide should help simplify it,. You may also wish to call me at 239-603-6100 to request a free, detailed map be mailed to you. Just ask!

On the following map below you can see that Cape Coral is not quite oceanfront, as the islands to the West provide a narrow barrier.  Actually around here we donít use the term ďoceanfrontĒ instead we refer to it as ďGulfĒ front, since itís the Gulf of Mexico and not actually an ocean.  However, even though it isnít direct Gulf frontage, itís very close and much, much more affordable because of it.  In fact, Cape Coral has some of the lowest priced waterfront property in all of Florida (and much shorter boating runs to the open Gulf waters than Punta Gorda & Port Charlotte to the North).

For the same reasons above, we donít refer to the boating access as ďocean accessĒ here either.  Instead we call it ďGulf accessĒ. You will see this term used numerous times throughout this site


Map of Cape Coral, Florida and surrounding islands

Cape Coral canal types: Fresh and Saltwater


Second, take note that Cape Coral includes both saltwater and freshwater canals.  ĎSaltwater canalsí refers to those with Gulf access. Freshwater canals do not have any such open water access.  Note that this in no way is actually referring to the true salinity of the canals-- many if tested, would technically be a brackish mix of water, though abundant aquatic life can be found throughout both type of waterways.  Itís just a quick, slang way to say which offer the access to the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Portions of the freshwater canal system have a network of small lakes and basins for freshwater fishing. However, we will be focusing on saltwater canals as the freshwater ones are not of interest to most true boaters.

Next, take note that Cape Coral includes sailboat access canals, direct access canals, and partially restricted access canals. A common misconception is that ďdirect accessĒ means no bridges are along the path: this is not necessarily true!  Direct access means that there are no locks or lifts interrupting the flow of water.  Multiple bridges still technically qualifies as direct access (and bridge heights can vary).  If itís completely uninterrupted canals you want, then you are looking for unrestricted, sailboat access canals.  It should come as no surprise that these are the most sought after and typically the most expensive too. And if you donít need the additional clearance, you may not want to pay for it!  Lastly are restricted/partially restricted access canals. These simply are behind a manned boat lock.  Donít automatically strike these areas out though!  Because some of the last areas to develop are behind a lock, many of the prettiest areas in Cape Coral are actually in this category.

Entry and exit points to the open water

Most of Cape Corals access to the Gulf is via the Caloosahatchee River.  There is an exception to this is in one area in the Northwest corner, called ďMatlacha PassĒ (pronounced mat-luh-shay). The map below shows all the major access points. Take note of the Southwest access point too. This point serves all of the Southwest Cape. It is referred to as the Spreader waterway.  A little further East is the Bimini Canal which seves as a major access point too.  Next (to the East) is the Cape Coral Yacht Club.  It has numerous sailboat access canals which we will discuss later in greater depth.  Further up river are the neighborhoods of Everest Pkwy, Cornwallis, Palaco Grande, Savona, and Beach Pkwy.  These too will be described in more detail below. Last is Chantrey Canal (Vizcaya Parkway area). This neighborhood has the longest run to the Gulf (for direct sailboat access canals), but prices are lower because of it.  And itís also worth pointing out that at least itís quick to the open river.

Map of Cape Coral sailboat access neighborhoods and locations

Should you wish to zoom in one (or more) of the areas referenced above in better detail please use the interactive map link below.  It includes active listings too, but they are not limited just to waterfront homes. Youíll have plenty of opportunities later to break away and do specific searches anyway!


View Current Map Here (Opens in a pop-up window)



Cape Coral boating run times to open water

Shortest boating runs: Weíll get back to the different sections in a minute, but next letís view what sections have the shortest boating run times to open water (ex: to the Gulf of Mexico).  Since this is the topic everyone seems to bring up, the following map will help explain. Take careful note because this can greatly affect value.

Run time to gulf of mexico
Length of Boating Runs in Cape Coral, Florida courtesy Dan Starowicz,

The above image has been updated to be much more accurate: please go here to new version. 

Cape Coral Unrestricted Sailboat Access

Next, letís view a map of the unrestricted, sailboat access property locations:

Sailboat access areas of Cape Coral Florida

Sailboat Access Neighborhoods

Letís now discuss specific neighborhoods in Cape Coral which offer unrestricted sailboat access, starting with the best (and most expensive):

Refer to the map above and note the South Cape portion.  Now note that highlighted section furthest to the SW Corner. This is Southwest Cape Coralís most premium, unrestricted sailboat access boating location, Unit # 67. Please note that sections of Cape Coral donít always have names associated with them, instead some areas go by simply their Ďunití numbers, in this case Unit 67.  We are also temporarily excluding mention of some really nice properties immediately to the west of this section in Cape Harbour because they fall behind a boat lock (and therefore arenít unrestricted access, though they can accommodate sailboats).

The sailboat access portion of Unit 67 is quite simply the best of the best, but prices will show that owners are very aware of it!  [See current pricing here]. If you were looking at a larger map of the area youíd see this SW location has Cape Coralís shortest boating run to the open Gulf waters.  Combine that with unrestricted sailboat access, some wider and very deep canals and youíve got a premium combination.  Hint: rather than trying to remember the unit number to this location, simply refer to it as the Sailboat access property around ďCape HarbourĒ and ďTarpon Point Marina.Ē The canal splits these two sections (see image to the right).  Those on the Western (left) side are directly across the street from one of the two nicest developments in Cape Coral, called Cape Harbour. It offers restaurants, a marina with wet & dry slips, live music, boat rentals, a few shops, and more.

For those who arenít familiar with the area and are planning a visit, I recommend that you check this area out, even if not for the real estate searching aspects!  Perhaps for dinner, drinks, or maybe to rent a boat and to see the city from the canal vantage point too.  You can also view birdís eye views of Cape Coral Unit 67 at this link.  (Opens in pop-up window so you donít lose your place on this page). Also be sure to click on the various compass directions (ex: North, East) to rotate the angle of the view and you can zoom in a little bit more too using the + and - tools.  Another great resource is Googleís street view images, taken from a drive-by perspective.  View Google Street view for Cape Coral Unit 67 at this link.

Unit 67

Cape Coral Unit 67 in Cape Coral, Florida
Unit 67 Overhead view

Cape Harbour: Directly across the street from the Western half of Unit 67.

Cape Harbour in Cape Coral, FL

And as far as the portion of Unit 67 on the East side of the dividing canal (the portion on the right in that photo above): This area is equally impressive and valuable, itís just that thereís only a handful of existing single family homes on this side of the canal. Most of the options here will be in Tarpon Point Marinaís development, including itís very desirable high-rise towers with commanding views.  The whole Tarpon Point Marina area is another highly recommended area for visitors to the area to check out for reasons other than the actual real estate search.  Thereís a nice waterfront restaurant on site (Marker 92), a pavilion/bar overlooking the marina (Nauti Mermaid), and a very nice, newer Westin that would be my first recommendation as for a place to stay while visiting Cape Coral.  Hereís a link to their site

Both this and Cape Harbourís marinas are the quickest to the Gulf, should you opt to keep a boat in a marina instead of directly behind a home.  Which brings me to another point: a very desirable characteristic to Cape Coral is that in almost every single case, the boat is in fact directly behind your residence. With so many canals, that can be accomplished cheaper in Cape Coral than most any other location in Florida.  Do realize though that homes are built on similar sized, regular lots scattered throughout the town, and typically arenít in gated or golf communities, though there are indeed golf courses, etc in the city.  Communities like Tarpon Point are more the exception than the norm here. In this case if one were in the high-rise towers, the boat would be kept in a marina and youíd pay the HOA fees for the condo plus the slip rental fee.  The same is true in Cape Harbour. So if the idea of a marina instead of right behind the residence is not right for you, donít worry- in almost all other condos (and single family homes) throughout Cape Coral, the boat is literally right in your backyard. Itís just that given the shortest boating run and desirability, this area goes with marinas and is built at a higher density than the rest of the very suburban-like town.  Hereís a few links you can view to better explore Unit 67:

Unit 67 Examples

Example of gulf access home in unit 67 in Cape Coral, Florida

Unit 67 example home in Cape Coral, FL part of Tarpon Point Marina area

Tarpon Point Marina

Tarpon Point Marina in Cape Coral, FL
More info

Wish to view active listings in this area? You can view all current Cape Coral, FL Unit 67 direct sailboat access listings at this link.  Note that some condo units in developments such as Tarpon Point may or may not be listed as ĎGulf accessí though, as they donít technically include a slip, though slips are for rent for a fee.  For that reason, you can also search the whole collection of Tarpon Point Marina listings, regardless of whether they are listed as Gulf access at this link.  (Links open in pop-up windows). Be sure to save your search, if these are areas of interest to you!

This does bring up a matter to discuss: When searching in developments, should you assume all with some form of Gulf access will indeed be listed as ĎGulf accessí properties? Typically it wonít be an issue since thereís only a handful of communities in Cape Coral built with marinas like that.  But the answer is NO, donít always assume so. It is something to bear in mind when searching larger communities in, for example Burnt Store Marina or Gulf Harbour in Fort Myers, especially when the boat sits some distance from the actual home or condo, such as in the community marina, or if buying or leasing a slip is only available as additional fee.  Listing agents must choose whether to list such properties as offering Gulf access, and there is variation among them, so if doing a search in a location where slips arenít necessarily included, be sure to conduct it in both ways, to avoid missing any listings. Of course Iím here to help too!

The Unit 64 section also noted above (just a little higher up) is also in a choice boating location. Homes are typically a bit cheaper here versus the big premium you pay for Unit 67, and thereís a lot more of them to choose from! Also, a great characteristic of this section is that almost every single home is a direct sailboat access property.  That gives a very nice conformity to the neighborhood. Canals are a bit more Ďnormalí at around 80 feet wide here, though youíd be surprised how large of boats are often found behind the homes. View birdís eye views of Cape Coral Unit 64 at this link.  (pop-up). View Google Street view for Cape Coral Unit 64 at this link.  (pop-up).  I certainly recommend Unit 64 if itís in your target price range as itís a great combination of pricing + boating + location.   Use the link further down below to see where current pricing stands:

Unit 64 direct sailboat access in Cape Coral, Florida
More info

Wish to view active listings in Unit 64? You can view all current Cape Coral, FL Unit 64 direct sailboat access listings at this link.  (Pop-up window). Be sure to save that search, if itís an area of interest to you.

Unit 64 Example

Example of gulf access home in unit 64 in Cape Coral, Florida
Unit 64 Overhead map

Canal depths in these areas:

Unit 64 canal depths (mini map)

Note that canal depths in Cape Coralís Units 64 and 67 are quite decent- Buyers will find this to be sufficient for most any boating needs and there are 35í+ boats, sailboats, etc routinely found in these areas. You can reference the map Iíve created to the left for more specific canal depths.

Note to other agents:

I realize many other agents utilize my site to better understand the Cape Coral waterways.  Thatís great as it gives everyone a better understanding of the complex system.  That said, please note the depth chart and all other portions of this website are copyrighted and were time intensive for me to develop.  No portions may be copied or reproduced without my express written permission.  However, you CAN link or point to pages of my site.  Just contact me if doing so.  Thanks.

Interesting in having access to canal depths for the entire region/county?  I have all that data available and it sure comes in handy, especially if trying to park a larger vessel or fixed keel sailboat! Just give me a call at 239-603-6100 and I can get all that information to you.

Just to the East of those 8 cloverleaf shaped lakes is Unit 3. This is all sailboat access with a very short run too. Prices to the North in this section are from the high $300,000ís and from the $400,000 towards the Southern portion (for OLD homes). The most Southern portion is Riverfront and has a couple of the largest homes in Cape Coral. Canals are typically 80 feet wide, with a few larger ones tossed in, and thereís the main Bimini canal thatís over twice the width.  Canals here tend to be extra deep, so thatís a great plus too.  The area still contains a large number of older homes, some of which will certainly be knocked down to make way for newer construction.  You can view Unit 3 listings at the link below:

More info

You can view listings in Unit 3 here.  (pop-up).


Unit 3 and unit 27 in Cape Coral, Florida
Unit 3 in Cape Coral, Florida

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